Offering services on the internet, today is more than just a need for every serious buisness object. Following tradition and benefits given us by internet buisness, we can provide you with our service, faster and more reliable. Following idea that every man has a right to chose what kind of service he want to use, depending on his desires and needs. This page is exactly what you need to do so!

In which way we operate?

Reliability of our staff and drivers, indicates how serious our buisness is. Bound to yeras of our partnership, we can provide you with lover prices than any other taxi company. Following our directives, not to compete with other taxi services, we can provide you with diffrent type of service.

How can we do that?

During the long period of years in taxi buisness, we are avare of our posibilities, and demandings of our customers. Many times taxi services in Zagreb coudn't find way to accomodate their customers in numerous ways of paying and extra services for their clients. Thanks to education, skills of lenguage, humanity, communicativity and most of all precision and reliability of our drivers, we can offer you high quality services of any type.

Which services we offer?

To accomodate your needs, we can provide you some extra services, as:
- Driving from specific location to another location depending on your needs
- Reception at Airport, Bus or Train station, at any time, and driving to desired location
- All day driving around town at special price
- Transport from Hotels
- Transport to another town (comming back isn't charged extra if it is at the sam day)
- Picking up your kids from any location (etc. Disco)
- Driving you to your work and off work
- Delivering flowers, and anytihing you cant deliver with your car
- We can organize your accomodation including town tour and panoramic flight.

If you are looking for quality service, and you also have extra needs, contact us to convince yourself that we are capable to find you a perfect solution for your needs.

For aditional information you can contact us by GSM or E-mail